About Bruce Haag Brass Studios: Bruce Haag Brass Studios was established in 1996 in San Jose, California, as an avenue to serve the brass community with the finest instruction and products available.
Bruce has been helping brass players of all ages and ability levels to achieve success for over 36 years. His students are found in top positions in groups of all types, big bands, salsa bands, rock bands, symphony orchestras, high school and college bands and orchestras.
Bruce combines his experience as a sideman with Elvis Presley, Stan Kenton, and the top Las Vegas show orchestras with years of study with the world’s leading brass teachers, including legendary trumpet virtuoso Raphael Mendéz and Claude Gordon, the “King of Brass”, with whom Bruce studied for 15 years. Claude Gordon served as first trumpet at CBS in Hollywood for 11 years and his many books on brass playing are used worldwide. Bruce is a Certified Claude Gordon Brass Teacher.
As of 2005, Cincinnati, Ohio is home to Bruce, his wife Debbie and their 3 children. Bruce teaches from his home studio and from Princeton High School in Cincinnati. He also teaches online, bringing his teaching to students around the world.
Bruce Haag Brass Studios is an authorized dealer for the superb brass instruments manufactured by B.A.C. Musical Instruments of Kansas City

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  1. Frank
    Frank / 6-11-2019 / ·

    Hi Bruce,

    Have you ever tried the Kanstul Paris Series or the California series trumpets? Were they ever made? Thanks! Frank

  2. Bruce Haag
    Bruce Haag / 8-28-2020 / ·

    Hi Frank,

    Wow I’m sorry! I just saw your note this morning. I don’t check this part of my website very often. (Obviously!!!)
    Kanstul closed it’s doors before those models ever became available. There may have been some prototypes, Charles would know. Would you like me to look into that?


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