Kanstul 1070 Getting Rave Reviews

I recently sold a Kanstul 1070 to a fine young student of mine is Brisbane Australia, and he has been emailing me with glowing reports regarding his new horn. Here is one: “Bruce, I really can’t tell you how much I love this trumpet!!! With the CG Personal in it, it’s incredible. It’s like the two were made for each other, the two designs perfectly compliment each other. It’s like the other trumpets I’ve played were just toys! I was worried about it being too bright but with the CG P it really is so versatile and just amazingly easy to play!”

Several of my students have bought this model in the past year and they are all thrilled with how it plays and sounds. Their comments are typically about how little effort it takes to play and how big and rich the sound is. They can’t wait to get to their practicing each day! A trumpet that makes you want to practice? Now that’s a great investment!