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  1. Jeff Beights
    Jeff Beights / 12-22-2014 / ·

    Congratulations on the new website!

  2. Bruce Haag
    Bruce Haag / 12-23-2014 / ·

    Thanks Jeff! Couldn’t have done it without you. It looks great!

  3. A. William Bodine
    A. William Bodine / 12-14-2017 / ·

    Just got the Kanstul 1070 (silver plated) recently and can confidently say it is the greatest most versatile trumpet I have ever played during more than 60 years. For perspective, know that I have a handmade custom 1961 Benge which has until now been my preferred main horn for gigs and recording. I also have a Bach Strad 43 which plays great but it is a Bach and requires lots of effort as we all know. My Yamaha LA Bergeron trumpet is a fantastic horn but has the Yamaha sound with limited ability for nuances. My Kanstul 1603+ (Wallace Roney Martin Committee model) is easily the best horn ever made for jazz but does not have the versatility of the 1070. In short, for an all around trumpet, nothing is close to Kanstul’s 1070: amazingly responsive, great slotting, tremendous flexibility for volume changes, full sound in all registers, and you never get tired. A great clone of the Chicago Benge but perfected with a bigger, lighter Bell, lightening fast valves, a large bore that does not wear you out and a gorgeous sound. Where can you find that? No where but Kanstul! These guys are geniuses.

  4. Pat Quinn
    Pat Quinn / 1-18-2018 / ·

    Hi, Bruce! Good blogging here. Always looking forward to my lessons even when my brain isn’t cooperative!

  5. Bruce Haag
    Bruce Haag / 1-18-2018 / ·

    Your efforts to regain your playing skills after a stroke are applauded by all who know you!

  6. Bruce Haag
    Bruce Haag / 5-17-2018 / ·

    I agree 100%. It is truly a great all-around horn. It will jump when you want it to or you can play soft and pretty. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous / 5-17-2018 / ·


    Your affirmation is very comforting. I play well but not in your league. It is great to know someone of your accomplishment agrees.

    A. William Bodine

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