Brass Playing Is No Harder Than Deep Breathing


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Brass Playing Is No Harder Than Deep Breathing

 “Brass Playing Is No Harder Than Deep Breathing” contains in print form the great teachings of Claude Gordon, clearly spelled out for the beginner or the pro, in a concise and compelling manner. Mr. Gordon dispels the myths and mystique surrounding brass playing and tells you exactly how a brass instrument works. He explains in detail how the brass player’s 7 natural physical elements function in a correct manner. Correct breathing, tongue placement, wind control, lip function, facial muscle function, the right hand, the left hand are all explained by the master player/teacher of all time.

Most great players cannot explain how they play nor can they help you become a great player. More often than not they leave their audience confused and wondering what to do next. Not so with the Claude Gordon approach!  His clear and concise explanations will blow away the misunderstanding and confusion associated with brass playing.

“It is not a book of scales, articulations, lip slurs, or etudes, but a didactic text that puts the mystique surrounding brass playing to rest and shows us how the great virtuosos really did it.”   D. Larry Miller, MD. [from the preface]

Undoubtedly the best textbook ever written on brass playing. It should be required reading for all brass players!

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