Kanstul CG3 Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Kanstul CG3 Trumpet Mouthpiece

Limited to stock on hand. I have (1) in silver left in stock. For now Kanstul is not accepting new orders.

The Kanstul CG3 Trumpet Mouthpiece is the most popular Claude Gordon mouthpiece design. Featuring a cup similar to the Bach 3C, the Schilke 14B and 15B. The CG3 has a #22 throat and a more open backbore, though it is slightly smaller than the CG Personal trumpet mouthpiece backbore. The rim is a very slight variation of the wonderful Del Staiger rim contour found on the CG Personal trumpet mouthpiece. Recommended!

The gold plate version offers a much smoother surface that allows the lips to move and adjust more freely while changing registers. The gold plate makes a big difference in comfort and flexibility. Once you’ve played on gold, you will never go back to silver!

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