Marcinkiewicz CG Personal Trumpet Mouthpiece


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Marcinkiewicz CG Personal Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Marcinkiewicz CG Personal Trumpet Mouthpiece is Claude Gordon’s favorite trumpet mouthpiece design. It is based upon a blend of the Herbert Clarke and Del Staiger personal mouthpieces. The CG Personal features a modified “V” cup, an open Schmidt style backbore, a #22 throat, and Del Staiger’s amazingly comfortable rim. This rim offers unparalleled flexibility. Claude said of this mouthpiece: “Play it for 3 weeks and you’ll never play anything else.” The sound quality is amazingly full and rich and is adaptable to many different styles of music. This mouthpiece is very free and responsive.  You will not find a more acoustically correct mouthpiece!

Please consider the gold plate version which offers a much smoother surface which allows the lips to move and adjust more freely while changing registers. Silver feels “sticky” after playing on gold plate. The gold plate makes a noticeable difference in comfort and flexibility. Once you’ve played on gold, you will never go back to silver!

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