Saint-Jacome Grand Method For Trumpet




Saint-Jacome Grand Method For Trumpet

Saint-Jacome Grand Method For Trumpet was revised by Claude Gordon and contains the complete original 1870 text, without the insertions and changes of later editors.

In the preface, Claude Gordon writes: “In 1870, while employed as an arranger for the Messrs. La Fluer publishing company, Saint-Jacome wrote his famous Saint-Jacome Grand Method. It was some years earlier, in 1864, that Arban had written his “famous method.” The argument that one method is greater than the other has no basis whatsoever. Although the methods differ greatly in method and design, they are in absolute unity as to the correct basics of trumpet playing. Every brass player will do well to study and get the sense of these two great books. Both are as modern and necessary now as they were one hundred and twenty years ago”.

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